Recommended reading: Data Genetics blog

My previous post on roulette was essentially my impersonation of Nick Berry from Data Genetics, which houses one of my favourite blogs.

I love the way he makes mathematics really practical. For example, I learnt about the Secretary Problem from his blog, and my wife and I used it to help us make decisions about potentially buying houses.

While I certainly can't claim to to understand every step he takes in his mathematical analysis, he always takes care to lay out his arguments and his methodology in a really accessible way. When I do have to use some fancy analysis in my work (or blogging), this is what I'm also aiming for.

So, if you liked my post, and want to see what someone with a lot more power under the hood does, I highly recommend the Data Genetics blog.

Don't tell me you don't want to find out what a Chicken Nugget number is...

NB: I actually started the previous blog post months ago, but got distracted with other things halfway through the write-up. While my post was lying, half-finished, I was quite alarmed to see that Data Genetics had a post about roulette, and thought that he might have sniped me! Luckily for me, Nick concerns himself more with the mechanics of the wheel than debunking tired old betting strategies.