About Nusantara Economics

Nusantara Economics is a blog about economics; mainly focused on public sector issues (chiefly infrastructure), development economics, and Indonesia.

The opinions expressed on this blog are the author's own, and do not reflect those of any of his employers, clients, or counterparts, past, present or future.

About the Author

John Cheong-Holdaway is an economist with a particular interest in infrastructure, and in the interface between the public and private sectors in creating value for society.

John has 10 years of experience in infrastructure, economic and financial advisory and has represented and advised governments, regulators, multilateral development institutions and private companies on infrastructure regulation, public sector infrastructure expenditure priorities, institutional development, rural development and infrastructure for the facilitation of trade integration.

John is experienced at developing, and deploying a range of financial and economic models to answer novel questions, and address client needs.

John is a clear communicator and is capable of explaining complex concepts in a structured and client-focused way. John is skilled at developing reports and presentations that “tell the story” of complex analysis in a clear manner. John is also experienced acting as a facilitator of small- and large-group workshops in both English and Indonesian.

John is an experienced cross-cultural communicator having lived in and/or worked in Asia for over 10 years. In addition to his native English, he is highly fluent in Indonesian, proficient in Tetum and has basic proficiency in Mandarin and Thai.

For further information about John, please refer to his LinkedIn page.