Saatnya didengar

Saatnya Didengar (Time to be Heard) is an initiative that aims to stimulate discussion about the problems that Indonesia's citizens face resulting from the poor state of the nation's infrastructure. It is being run by Infrastructure Asia, the organisers of Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2015, coming up in November, in cooperation with the Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Development at the University of Indonesia.

Their big initiative so far is a do a nationwide social media survey, trying to find out what problems Indonesians see with their nation's infrastructure, and what they want to see done about it. The survey is almost complete, but you can still fill it in here, until August 10, 2015 if you've got something you want to say. They'll be taking the message to the President once they collate their results, and, hopefully, publishing them more widely too. 

They're doing a great job of promoting it too. They had a big concert at the end of last year's Indonesia Infrastructure Week, with some big name stars, like Anggun, and they're giving a pair of round trip tickets to anywhere in Indonesia on Batik Air to one lucky respondent to the survey every week.

I love this initiative, and I think they're doing a great job of making the message accessible, and trying to create impetus for action on the part of the Indonesian government. 

I'm looking forward to seeing their results!