Do governments deliberately over-state the cost of transport projects?

Lest anyone think that Indonesia is the only country struggling to provide and finance infrastructure, this article on Alan Davies' great blog, The Urbanist, covers the struggles that governments in Australia have in deciding what infrastructure to build and coming up with sensible cost estimates as inputs into that decision-making process.

There is often a pervasive myth that, if only we had the data, less corruption, or smarter politicians, we could find some perfect solution that would make everyone happy, grow the economy, fight poverty, and drive gender equality. Those things would certainly help, but there's still a whole lot of the problem that is hard in any country, not just Indonesia.

Note: If you're interested in these issues, The Urbanist is a really great blog to sign up to. He deals almost exclusively with Australian urban issues. But, even if you're not Australian, the way he breaks down the problems is applicable to any context. A good chunk of my blog is basically my impersonation of him!