Event: Meeting Indonesia's infrastructure investment challenge

I'll be giving a talk on Indonesia infrastructure investment challenges at the Indonesian chapter of the Institution of Civil Engineers' monthly technical meeting tomorrow night, Thursday 24 November.

The synopsis of the talk is as follows:

Inadequate infrastructure is constraining growth in Indonesia. Yet despite infrastructure investment numbers growing from one National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) to another, the infrastructure capital stock continues to decline. One suggestion may be to focus on attaining infrastructure investment levels that would at least stop this decline in infrastructure capital stock.

But how much is needed for this? And is it achievable? Is it realistic to go beyond this and expect higher levels of investment to get the infrastructure capital stock rising again?

To discuss these and other issues, please join this presentation where John Cheong-Holdaway will present the preliminary findings and recommendations of his research on the infrastructure investment needed between 2015-2019 to arrest the continuing decline in the capital stock and to meet the ambitious targets of RPJMN.

The flyer is embedded below:

If you're interested, then please come down, and I'll see you there.

Disclosure: This seminar is for educational purposes only. I am receiving no compensation for the event. Any opinions expressed at this event are my own.